A great tool for parents

We want organized kids.

But why?

Does their disorganization drive is nuts? Yes…

But…. Why?

Because it reminds us of us. They struggle with the day to day just like we do, and their struggles remind us of how badly we want to be better at work, the house, the kids…. All of it.

So, while we’re working on getting them in track, we should probably worry about ourselves too.

Erin Content can help. She’s a product designer who creates, among other things, beautiful life planners. Yes, you read it right — life planners.

Not your typical calendar or planner, but everything in one place, prompting you to do all those things that super-moms do.

Check them out at https://www.erincondren.com/referral/invite/meganparryjamieson1201 and I’m sure you’ll agree. (You can start your new life January first, so you can enjoy the chaos a little longer.). Check back in January as I continue to organize kids, and blog about my own Erin Condren discipleship as my year unfolds.

Til soon…


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