Getting my new planner ready…

So the day began, of course, with a trip to Michaels.  How else do you begin a new planner system?

Seriously though, after watching a multitude of videos on YouTube and reading a pile of blog posts on how to use the Erin Condren Life Planner, I decided I needed a few essential supplies.

Pens: I have a love of colour, and a passion for fine-felt-tip pens. Especially purple and orange.  I also knew after my research that attributing colours to certain kind of tasks would make life easier when it gets busy.  I also discovered that, since my kids are young and don’t drive, their activities can be classed as ‘Mom’ or ‘Dad’ based on who is driving them.

Stickies: I hate to commit.  So, a collection of stickies was needed so I could add notes to my planner, and rip them out easily if I didn’t like them.  Yes, I do that.  I hate being ‘stuck’ with something that is icky.  So I stickie. 🙂

Project Life Journalling Cards:  Please celebrate me. I had will-power.  I was tempted to go gung-ho and buy every project-life accessory I saw, but I didn’t.  I did however fall in love with the lined, round-cornered journalling cards with lines running in two directions (for vertical or horizontal layouts). I decided that, since they were on sale, the 100-pack would give me lots of clip-in options, and a few stash nicely in my planner’s back pocket.

Compulsive design moment:  I came home and decided that I really needed a planner Dashboard — a place where I could park the ‘Do This Today’ notes and jots that could hold my place in the planner at the same time.  The clip in dividers from the Condren site are awesome, but pricey once you consider shipping to Canada. So  I quickly whipped up a 7 x 9 colour version in Word, using  a modified Eisenhower Table, and PDFd it to Staples to print in colour and laminate with 5ml poly.    I can punch the edge tomorrow when I pick it up and voila — a clip-in dashboard. At the same time I created a meal planner card to help me stay on top of feeding us each week.

Washi:  Yes, I bought some Washi tape.  Following the recommendation of another blogger, I’m using a strip of Washi to mark off my weekends, and to highlight important days. So far I’m pulling colours out of the month pages and keeping things simple.  The goal, after all, is to help make life easier, not add more work to the day.

And so, onward and upward I travel toward Planner Nirvana.  I’ll update with pics once I feel as if I’m in a groove or a routine, and let you know how I adjust once school starts up again. It may all fall apart once the days get busier, but for now I’m loving my life planner, and excited to see where it leads.

Meg PJ


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