Progress with my Planner…

Hello.  My name is Megan, and I’m a Washi-addict.

Update in my Erin Condren Planner and how it’s working for me —

I have settled on using Washi-tape to mark off my weekends, to visually help me set that time aside and remind me to not ‘cross the line’ when planning my own activities and time.

I’m also using Washi to mark out events for me and the kids- just bands of colour for Brownies, rehearsals, and dance classes.

I made a dashboard that clips in, which has four sections: today, within 48 hours, within a week and within two weeks. I’m adding sticky-notes to this dashboard, and they move around based on what I accomplish each day. It’s my Eisenhower matrix, and it’s the one thing I do on paper that I take the time to out into my Eisenhower app too. My dashboard is my accountability guarantee, and my liaison between paper and digital worlds.

Am I more organized? No. But I am more aware of what I have due, what’s coming, and important deadlines. I’m also able to visualize my week more clearly even when I’m not in front of my planner. I’m a visual person, and the clear image of the visual-business of the week is proving helpful, as I feel more on top of things, and therefore feel less stressed.

Now THAT means it’s working.

Even if I fill in a day retroactively, I like feeling that I know where I am with my responsibilities. I also like that my students watch me add things to my planner as they add things to theirs. Modelling always helps. But modelling authentically actually changes how kids function, and helps them value new routines.

Now, I also got horribly distracted this week with a thirty-one catalog trying to find the perfect case for my planner and accessories, but that’s ok. My distraction led me to considering sewing my own, which reminded me that the basement still isn’t working efficiently for all of our family space needs, and this led to a new design project.

And a plan to go to ikea soon. Wheeeeee.

So off I go to plan a new room layout, task-specific centres, and flexible seating options. And a shopping list. And maybe an app to play with furniture… And maybe a new Raskog…. Oh, and some washi tape…


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