It’s June 

yup. I completely fell off the wagon, got disorganized, and forgot to blog. 
Sigh. I really meant to but…
So now I get the chance to talk about the end of the year last-ditch-attempt to get my life, and home, and classroom, ready for the end of the year. 
“But you get two whole months off! You can organize then!” Nope. I can’t. Because my husband and I are both teachers, and during the summer it’s about us and the kids. So the work has to be done now. 
Over the last few weeks my kitchen island counter has become 4-inches thick with papers to be filed. As a matter of fact, 90% of them are supposed to be in my lovely coloured home binders (thanks to a Bowl full of Lemons) which live downstairs a mere 25 feet away. But I just can’t seem to get there. 
Part of it is lack of energy, and part of it is fear that it will grow into a bigger job than it needs to — and that’s where this post comes full circle again. 
When we ask a student to find a missing sheet and it escalates to a desk dumping, we’ve managed to make our student feel like he has a major problem, not a minor one. It focuses on spiralling messes and disfunctional habits, and still doesn’t find us that missing sheet. And it makes our students dread looking for anything. 
So plan your classroom (and home) workflow to support students and minimize their issues from the get-go. In my classroom, this relies heavily on GoogleDrive:

1. Every sheet exists online. print another if you really need to (rather than spending 45 minutes cleaning a desk)

2. Complete the work digitally. Students can submit a link to their work digitally to a google form, and now you can’t lose it

3. Email or post feedback digitally. So they can’t lose it. 
How does this apply to home? Well that’s what we’re going to see. At the moment I have come up with the following workflow:

1. All incoming paper goes in the inbox

2. The inbox gets sorted every Saturday morning (bills paid, papers filed, etc)

3. My to-do list goes into the Eisehower app, organized by priority

Hopefully this will help keep the paper clutter down, keep us more on track, and stay ahead of the challenges of the week 😉
If it doesn’t, could you come dump my desk?


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