July 3rd…. Time to…

…plan 😉 well, not really plan, but capture those random thoughts about teaching that wander through my brain so that when August hits and its reasonable to plan I have everything ready to go 😉
I’ve been reading more about gamification and using leaderboards to help kids challenge each other. I was originally looking for an app to run this for me but I think I’ll go paper for a year and see if it works. Here’s my (rough) plan. 

On the first day of school I’ll explain that, like a video game, we all start with zero Experience Points (XP). But every time we complete a task we gain XP. Some tasks are easy (lower xp) and others are more challenging (higher XP).  But all are winnable. 
After a longer chat about how learning is like playing a game, each student will get an avatar card. I’m thinking 8.5 x 5.5, with room for their character traits on one side and lots of boxes for their loot and badges in the other. 
Then I’ll talk about quests. Some will be small, like having your planner filled out completely for a full week (to earn the Epic backpack of Holding).  Others will be longer, such as the Math Quest to focus on keeping your interactive notebook up to date, complete, and organized for 2 weeks, in order to earn the Mantle of mathematical Mesmer). These stickers will go on your profile, to show the world your progress. 
I figure a level 1 student will have 3 or four quests to complete to become a level 2. So if I put chalk board labels on each character card I can easily adjust the level as students progress. And if each quest is worth a certain amount of XP, I can track that in another label to show them how close they are to levelling. 
And we will have Raidng party quests, where a group of characters work together to earn xp and their quest sticker. And stronger characters can work with lower characters to help them get their own quests completed. Those stronger players can earn their Helm of Helping or their Cloak of Mentoring at the same time. 
Now to design all the different characters…. I should have a Mage, and an elf, and a tank of some kind, and a hunter, and an archer with a pet of course, ooh and……
But first I’ll go play some Warcraft. Don’t judge me. It’s research. 


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