That teacher-brain-weevil

He’s a pesky lil’ bugger. Just when you think you’ve turned him off and focussed on something relaxing pouf! He burrows into your brain again. 

So I try to cope as best I can by letting him trigger a flash of planning-it is, document it for later, and go back to life. 

Yes, life. 

Because as my teacher-husband has tried to teach me over the years, I don’t get paid to work in the summer. And while my natural tendency is to spend July and August planning and organizing and readjusting plans from last year, this time is for family. It’s the biggest benefit of being a teacher: two months to be with my own kids. 

But if I try to ignore the brain-weevil, my anxiety goes through the roof, I get more distracted, and I feel less able to enjoy anything. So I have found the perfect way to deal with my weevil – without committing pesticide completely. 

I made a file in Google Docs called ‘planning for 2015.’ Every time my weevil shows his face I jot down the idea in the document, preserving it for later. Sometimes I’ll go back to add to the idea during down time, like at 2 am when I can’t sleep, but for the most part I’m just recording the idea for August. 

Getting the idea ‘down’ relieves my anxiety because I feel like I’ve done something with it and I won’t forget. At the same time, a quick 2 minute not doesn’t drag me away from the family. It’s win win. 😉

Once we hit August, I’ll find more snipets of time to work through the idea list. And in the last weeks before school opens in September it will be like a checklists as I get ready. But for now, keeping the weevil in check only takes a few minutes of time on my phone. 
Those ideas will wait for me.  But summer won’t. 


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